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SUPERGIRL is the simplest and fastest double-sided adhesive method to stretch and thicken.

SUPERGIRL is a single 30 cm strip full of DOUBLEDRAWN hair that goes from one side of the head to the other and weighs about 40 grams.

SUPERGIRL can be reused several times, just change the adhesive every two / three months.

SUPERGIRL helps hairdressers to fulfill the dreams of clients who want to have a full head of hair.

SUPERGIRL is light and does not create any damage to the capillary bulb so it is suitable for everyone!

SUPERGIRL is the future❤

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Peso40 g
Dimensioni50 × 30 × 5 cm

1B-Liquirizia, 1A – Slightly Dark Natural Brown, 2Q-Cold Coffe, 3Q – Castagna Freddato, 6C – Cold Hazelnut, 12C – BabyBlonde, 22-Vanilla, 60C – Cold Milk, 32H – Leather, 33H, 1B/4 – Licorice /Nutella, 3/6 – Chestnut/Hazelnut, 3/12 – Chestnut/Toffe, 6/18 – Hazelnut/Coconut Rope, 8/60 – Bamboo cane/Cold milk, 2Q/12C, 4Q/60C – Cold Coffe and Cold Milk, Balayage – 8+613, 6C+18C – Cold Hazelnut + Cold Coconut Rope, 12C+613 – Marshmallow, 9C+60C, 27+613 -Walnut + Golden Milk, 8H – Bamboo Cane, 18-Coconut Rope, 27 – Walnut